Drop in 10-Year Treasury Yield & Mortgage Rates Is Just Another Bear-Market Rally. Longer Uptrend in Yields Is Intact, with Higher Highs and Higher Lows

“Nothing goes to heck in a straight line.” That’s how purposeful markets modify to a brand new actuality: Greater inflation, greater charges.

By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

There was plenty of dialogue and handwringing and Fed-pivot fantasizing concerning the drop of the 10-year Treasury yield from 4.25% on the finish of October to three.51% on the shut on Friday. That’s a 74-basis-point drop. In proportion phrases, the yield dropped by 17%. A drop in yield means an increase in costs of those securities. So this drop in yields represents a rally in costs.

However right here is the factor: Throughout the summer time bear-market rally, the 10-year yield dropped by 25%, from 3.49% to 2.60%. Earlier than then, there have been a number of smaller bear-market rallies. However the greatest bear-market rally throughout this bond bear market was from April 2021 to August 2021, when the yield dropped by 30%, from 1.70% to 1.19%.

The ten-year yield closed at 0.52% on August 4, 2020, which marked the tip of the 39-year bond bull market. Since then, the 10-year yield has risen sharply, with massive surges adopted by smaller retracements, adopted by massive surges, adopted by smaller retracements, and many others., adhering to the Wolf Road dictum that “Nothing  Goes to Heck in a Straight Line.” The ten-year yield, because it went up, marked greater highs and better lows every time. And the present bear-market rally matches in properly, they usually yield may drop additional, and it will nonetheless slot in properly:

Again in August 2020, the 10-year yield hit the low of 0.52% – after months of widespread propaganda by bond- and hedge-fund kings, queens, and gurus within the social media, on CNBC, and Bloomberg that the Fed would push rates of interest into the damaging, similar to central banks had achieved in Europe and Japan.

This was an effort to control folks into shopping for a 10-year safety with practically no yield, thereby driving yields down additional, and costs up additional, to make stated kings, queens, and gurus some huge cash.

Whoever ended up shopping for 10-year maturities on the time acquired a extremely dangerous deal as a result of that marked the underside of the 39-year bond bull market, throughout which the 10-year yield had descended from 15.8% in September 1981 to 0.52% in August 2020 – and never in a straight line – on declining inflation and declining rates of interest, with some massive wobbles in between, and since 2008, fueled by money-printing and rate of interest repression.

However now we now have the quickest Fed price hikes in 40 years, and the Fed’s quickest QT ever, having unwound $381 billion in six months.

Mortgage charges adopted the same sample. The 30-year mounted mortgage price started the rise in early 2021, from a low of two.65%. But additionally not in a straight line. By April 2021, it had reached 3.18%, after which it retraced to 2.78% by June 2021. By the tip of December 2021, it was again at 3.11%.

After which because the Fed ended QE, after which raised charges, after which launched into QT, mortgage charges surged – interrupted by massive bear-market rallies, most notably the summer time bear-market rally when the common 30-year mounted mortgage price dropped by 14%, from 5.8% to 4.99%, solely to surge once more to 7.08% on the finish of October. As of Freddie Mac’s index launched on December 1, the speed has retraced a few of that surge, dropping to six.49%. This represents an 8.3% drop within the common mortgage charges.

Since early 2021, we nonetheless have an unbroken uptrend of the 30-year mounted mortgage price, marked by greater highs and better lows, and an extra drop would nonetheless slot in properly into the general uptrend:

US mortgage rate 2022 12 04 Freddie Mac

The development is your buddy. There was an enormous quantity of Fed-pivot mongering and rate-cut mongering and the-Fed-will-restart-QE-soon mongering, and many others. All that is a part of the traditional recreation of how markets are adjusting to new realities, with either side pushing in its personal course, thereby pushing markets up and down in a risky method. However that is how purposeful markets modify to new realities. Changes don’t occur abruptly. And in the event that they do, it’s a very spooky affair. They usually don’t modify in predictable straight strains both. They go about it over time of their tough and tumble means, however in the end, they get there.

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