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Earlier this week came the news that Francis Ford Coppola’s $120 million passion project “Megalopolis” had finally secured a U.S. distribution deal with Lionsgate to release the film theatrically this Fall.

The film famously was screened in Los Angeles prior to its Cannes premiere and subsequently struggled to find a U.S. studio willing to give the film a wide theatrical release – and all the associated millions in costs that come with that.

It turns out Lionsgate may have picked it up because it didn’t require them to put their money with their mouth is. THR reports that the mini-major will not be paying for the film’s marketing.

Instead, sources for the trade indicate Coppola will likely have to fork out a further $15-20 million in spending for a release of this size – but an actual figure isn’t known at this point.

The film will also play on some IMAX screens which will be a part of its marketing. The film’s Cannes premier was met with mixed reviews from critics but drew more attention than most other films combined.

“Megalopolis” will score a theatrical release in the United States on September 27th.

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