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Shake off the old and prepare for an adventure as divine opportunities are delivered to your doorstep. Sagittarius Season brings an inspired, creative and thought-provoking energy to your life, helping you to feel more confident as you prepare to make the most of the end of 2023. Just because it’s the end of the calendar year doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the magic of new beginnings, and that is precisely what this motivated new zodiac season will deliver.  

Sagittarius seeks to inspire you to reach for your dreams, as you will feel greater optimism. Because of the philosophical nature of this fire sign, you will find a deeper sense of how things have unfolded, which will help you become more hopeful about creating the future of your dreams.

Fire energy means tremendous changes are in store, especially as the Sun and Mars will shift into the sign of Sagittarius, creating a whirlwind of sudden opportunities and the ability to be decisive in what you choose to pursue.  

This is your chance to find the success you’ve dreamed of, to make decisions and choices that your future self will thank you for, and simply to open more expansively to live. There isn’t anything you can dream of that you can’t achieve in this new season; it’s just a matter of starting where you are now.

Don’t wait for a perfect time or for something to just fall in your lap, even though it may. Actively, boldly and passionately pursue what you most want while also keeping yourself open to the divine and lucky redirections the universe is famous for during this time. You are able not just to attract luck during Sagittarius Season but to become so lucky everything you touch will inevitably turn to gold.  

Each zodiac sign’s luckiest day this week, November 20 – 26: 


(March 21 – April 19)  

Luckiest Day: Friday, November 24 

Leading Energy: Mars in Sagittarius, ruler of expansion and adventure 

As Sagittarius Season begins, try to let things just be. Instead of putting energy into figuring out the answers or smoothing things over, just let everything be where it lies and focus on your bright future. Sagittarius rules the part of your life that governs adventure, travel, education, abundance and the ability to dream a more expansive future than you ever thought possible. This is your invitation to start genuinely living the life you’ve always dreamed of.  

During this season, focus on embracing new opportunities, changing your routine and planning that trip you’ve been considering. By stepping out of where you have been and opening yourself up, you will attract much of what you want to create. When it comes to your career, this is also an amazing time to start sending in new applications, as anything new and more significant during this time will be favored. In many ways, you’re having the start of a new year before this year ends, so make the most of it and start saying yes to life.  

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(April 20 – May 20) 

Luckiest Day: Friday, November 24 

Leading Energy: Mars in Sagittarius, bringing transformative opportunities 

Sagittarius energy governs over themes of transformation, which means you know changes will come during this time. Rather than worry if they will uproot your life too much or what will remain a constant, try instead to see everything that’s happening is for your highest good. Sagittarius Season doesn’t want to ruin anything and, in fact, is only trying to help you evolve and move past any fears so that you can seize all that is meant for you.  

Use the power of Mars in Sagittarius to help you find the ambition to create the changes you seek rather than just waiting for someone else to do them. When you take an active role in creating the life you dream of, you also hold more power for what you will be able to manifest. This is when you are being called to the driver’s seat to set an intention, and no matter how grand it may seem, start taking steps to bring it to fruition in your life.  

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(May 21 – June 20) 

Luckiest Day: Wednesday, November 22 

Leading Energy: Sun in Sagittarius, ruler of discovering what you genuinely love 

While Sagittarius energy generally rules matters of the heart, with so much powerful fire energy around you, use it to help you discover what it is that you genuinely love. Saturn was recently stationed direct in Pisces, which has been helping you tap into your divine purpose in this life. What you love and what you feel passionate about is what will help lead you toward your purpose.  

Use Sagittarius Season to explore different ideas about what you love as you pay attention to how you feel while doing it. Maybe your pastime, or side hustle, is something you’ve become passionate about and realize you want to make it your primary career. When you genuinely love what you do, it’s not about working harder but simply enjoying what each day brings.  

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(June 21 – July 22) 

Luckiest Day: Friday, November 24 

Leading Energy: Mars in Sagittarius, ruler of your house of determination 

You must become determined to continue your dreams, and this is especially important right now. Pluto, now direct in Capricorn, is moving through one of its last phases in this earth sign, which may be challenging you to fall back into old patterns or comfort zones. You already know that nothing new can grow there, so use the energy of Mars in Sagittarius to dig in your heels and remember what you’ve been working for. 

Mars rules matters of ambition and motivation. In Sagittarius, it inspires you to focus on yourself with more certainty as you honor what it is you need and want from life. This allows you to feel more determined in your choices as you continue to reflect more on how to make your dreams come true. You are already on the right path; you just need not give up, no matter how tempting the past may seem.  

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(July 23 – August 22) 

Luckiest Day: Friday, November 24 

Leading Energy: Mars in Sagittarius, inspiring a deep commitment to joy 

It is enough to be happy simply, but that also means building your life with those events and situations that contribute to it. After a year of deep transformation in your career and home, you are ready to embrace greater happiness now. Don’t underestimate this phase because while it’s enjoyable, it’s about making space to receive what you have been working to achieve.  

Mars in Sagittarius gives you focused determination to strive to create a life that brings you pleasure and joy, helping you to feel committed to your dreams. While you may feel like relaxing a bit more now, and you should, this is also a wonderful time to set your intentions for what you want to continue to attract into your life. Sagittarius energy is really about enjoyment, purpose and feeling free, so the best thing you can do for yourself is continue to create the life of your dreams — no matter what direction it takes you in.  

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(August 23 – September 22) 

Luckiest Day: Wednesday, November 22  

Leading Energy: Sun in Sagittarius, ruler of your home sector  

As the Sun rises in Sagittarius, you may be dreaming of a new home or making changes to your existing one. Sagittarius energy rules this aspect of your life, making you simultaneously desire strong roots but still have wings to fly. Even though you’ve been working on finding gratitude for all that you’ve already created, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still make improvements in that. Let yourself enjoy every facet of life, whether you feel called to travel, relocate or change things up in your home. 

When you love where you live, you move differently in the world. This is your kingdom, your sanctuary and so by taking the time to make it everything you want, you set the tone for how you will approach everything else in your life. Honor those feelings if you’ve been considering house hunting or call the contractor for the remodel you’ve been dreaming of.

Anything new or improved in terms of your home is not just set to be lucky but to be that inner change you’ve been seeking. If, instead, it feels like you’re being called away from your home, embracing your desire for travel and learning by planning a trip — you never know what opportunity will cross your path while you’re out exploring the world.  

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(September 23 – October 22) 

Luckiest Day: Wednesday, November 22 

Leading Energy: Sun in Sagittarius, bringing focus and determination to communication 

You can feel the movement of transformation beginning to quake beneath your feet and in every facet of your life. You must trust that all of this is happening for your highest good, even if you’re unsure of what it will bring or where it will all land. There is about to be a massive upgrade within your life as you focus your energy on creating more of what resonates with your soul rather than worrying about continuing anything out of obligation. 

During Sagittarius Season, you are being given a unique gift with your words as the Sun in Sagittarius lights up your zone of communication. Not only is this an amazing time to declare your intentions of change to the universe, but advocating in your personal or professional relationships for what you want will have added power right now. This also offers you prime time for any writing or publishing, even if it’s just making a plan for how to accomplish all of your dreams.

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(October 23 – November 21) 

Luckiest Day: Friday, November 24  

Leading Energy: Mars in Sagittarius, lighting up your house of finances 

The more that you move through the lessons of the previous eclipse cycle in Scorpio and Taurus, the more you’ve come to realize that financial stability is a requirement in your life. Finances aren’t just energy but also provide the ability for you to live your life however you dreamed and to help you feel like your outer life is one that honors your inner value. While there has been a significant focus on career matters as of late, you are not going to feel an added boost to your bottom line as you receive the rewards for all the hard work you’ve been putting in. 

Mars in Sagittarius, along with the Sun, brings motivation, passion and determination to create the financial abundance that you dream of. This isn’t about the money, though, per se, but more about what it will represent or mean to you and the future you hope to build. Remain aware of new career or investment opportunities, as it is likely there will be quite a few to choose from. This may also arrive as a sudden, unexpected offering due to a decision or previous work you’ve done. Remember, having everything you’ve ever wanted is only part of it; the next comes down to what you’re going to do with it once you do.  

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(November 22 – December 21) 

Luckiest Day: Wednesday, November 22 

Leading Energy: Sun in Sagittarius, ruler of your authentic truth 

This is your season, through and through. Right off the bat, after the Sun shifts into your fire sign, Mars and asteroid Ceres follow suit, giving you a powerhouse of energy for your solar return. The most important thing is to use this energy to release anything from the past year, as your solar return truly marks a new year in your life. When you can fully release and heal any matters from the past, you are more open and optimistic about the future.  

Sun in Sagittarius is advocating not just for a release from the past but also for you to embrace more of your authentic truth. Your inner truth is made up of who you truly are, what excites you, what you’re passionate about and your inner values that are uniquely yours. The more time you can spend reflecting on what your authentic truth is, the more you can make the most of the new year as you strive to create a life that resonates with each part of your soul.  

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(December 22 – January 19) 

Luckiest Day: Wednesday, November 22 

Leading Energy: Sun in Sagittarius, ruler of your house of intuitive dreams 

The Sun helps to illuminate and to create positive and decisive action in your life. In Sagittarius, you are being guided to no longer ignore the most divine parts of yourself and instead to begin to take action toward fulfilling your dreams. As you move into Sagittarius Season, it may seem that life gets quieter, but that’s only to give you time to become aware of what you’ve been too busy to notice.  

Sagittarius Season helps to shine a light on your deepest dreams, whether it’s reconciliation with a loved one, returning to school, starting a business or finding more balance in your life. It’s not just about reflecting, as you are being guided to act. Spend some time at the beginning of the week journalling about what dreams you have that you haven’t yet manifested, and then choose one, just one, to put your energy into this week. With the guiding help of the Sun, you will be sure to see the progress you desire.  

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(January 20 – February 18) 

Luckiest Day: Friday, November 24 

Leading Energy: Mars in Sagittarius, inspiring beneficial connections 

After a deep dive into your career, you are ready for life to feel lighter. Scorpio energy always brings about a more profound truth and need for change in your professional life, and while you’re still going to be working through those themes, it’s no longer something that will dominate your energy. Use this time to reach out to those around you, not just to get back to living life in a way that makes you happy but also because some beneficial connections in your circle will end up being able to help with your career.  

Mars is an incredibly driven planet that helps you tune into your passions and follow them with laser-like precision. In Sagittarius, you quite literally are being encouraged to open yourself up, to talk things through with others, and to plant the seeds in conversations for what changes you’re seeking to instill within your life. While you have become so skilled at advocating for yourself, this energy is about you also letting yourself seize the opportunities those important relationships in your life can provide.  

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(February 19 – March 20) 

Luckiest Day: Friday, November 24 

Leading Energy: Mars in Sagittarius, bringing in new career opportunities  

Sagittarius energy rules over your career sector, so this is often a season where you see greater promotions, opportunities and advancement. Like your sign, Sagittarius is deeply spiritual and philosophical, so work in a field that can incorporate these themes is guaranteed to be highly successful during this time. Because three planetary bodies shift into Sagittarius within a few days of each other, expect to be infused with a great deal of motivation to take advantage of the opportunities and new offers coming your way.  

Saturn is currently helping you become serious about your future as it recently stationed direct in your sign of Pisces, but to do that means things will have to change. By embracing your to-do list, putting yourself out there more and not being so afraid of change, you can positively harness this energy to make it work for you. Remember, even when you’re living the life of your dreams, it doesn’t mean it will be all fun and games each day, but the feeling of knowing you are doing precisely what you are meant to is priceless.  

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and retreat curator. For more of her work, visit her website

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