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A verdict could come Monday in the trial of Marvel star Jonathan Majors, who is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

Jurors began deliberating on Thursday afternoon, and had not reached a verdict by the end of Friday.

Earlier in the week, Judge Michael Gaffey permitted the release of a wealth of evidence, including text messages, photographs, footage, a recording of the actor calling himself a “great man” and the 911 call from the night of the alleged attack.

The texts show Majors dissuading Jabbari from going to the hospital following a separate alleged altercation in 2022, saying “it could lead to an investigation even if you do lie and they suspect something”.

Meanwhile, in an audio recording, Majors is heard telling the dancer he needs a “great woman” similar to Michelle Obama. Video showed the couple battling on the streets of New York.

In closing arguments, the defence painted Jabbari as a “liar” and accused her of “revenge partying” after the alleged assault. The prosecution called the private driver a “biased witness to the man who paid him.”

Majors has been supported throughout the trial by his current girlfriend Meagan Good.


Why is Jonathan Majors on trial?

Earlier this year, actor Jonathan Majors was set to become the next great supervillain in the Marvel multiverse.

Now, the breakout star with major roles in films including Creed III and Loki is on trial for allegedly assaulting his then-girlfriend during an argument last spring and could spend a year in jail if convicted.

Mr Majors, 34, was arrested in March in Manhattan after Grace Jabbari accused him of slapping her, throwing her into the car after she exited it, twisting her arm and grabbing and injuring her hand.

He is charged with misdemeanors including assault and could be sentenced to up to a year in jail if convicted. Majors has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Here’s what to know about the case:

Megan Sheets18 December 2023 13:00


What has Jonathan Majors been dropped from?

Despite his vehement denials of the allegations, a number of collaborators have cut ties with the actor since his arrest

Read more from Tom Murray:

Megan Sheets18 December 2023 12:00


The Majors trial’s parallels to Depp v Heard

Marvel actor Jonathan Majors has been on trial for the last two weeks over assault and harassment charges. The jury’s decision is not yet in, but the verdict in the court of public opinion had long been decided, as social media users seemed to have made up their minds, just as they had in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case.

The case hinged on a March 2023 incident. Grace Jabbari, Mr Majors’ then-girlfriend, reportedly discovered texts sent to Mr Majors from another woman. An argument ensued, which culminated in the alleged assault in the back of a private car in New York City. The dancer informed police that she had been assaulted by her then-boyfriend and went to the hospital; he was later arrested and charged.

Social media users have repeatedly insisted that Mr Majors is innocent; there is even a hashtag called #FreeJonathanMajors under which users post their support for the actor.

The question of guilt is ultimately up to the jury. In the court of social media public opinion, however, evidence and due process don’t seem to matter, as opinions on the case seemed to be made well before the trial was even finished.

Read more from Kelly Rissman:

Megan Sheets18 December 2023 11:00


Jury targets Majors’ 911 call

During deliberation on Friday, jurors submitted two requests to review evidence shown at the trial.

One request was to replay the 911 call that Jonathan Majors made the morning after his alleged assault on Grace Jabbari.

The second request was to rewatch footage showing Majors and Jabbari getting out of the car in which the alleged assault occurred.

Both the 911 call and the security footage were released by the court last week prior to closing arguments.

Megan Sheets18 December 2023 09:00


Jury to begin third day of deliberation

The jury in Jonathan Majors’ assault trial will resume deliberation at the Manhattan courthouse on Monday morning.

Jurors have thus far deliberated for approximately five hours, having begun late on Thursday afternoon and continued for about three hours on Friday.

Megan Sheets18 December 2023 08:00


ICYMI: Key moments from the trial

From intense videos to teary testimony, Michelle Del Rey recaps the most explosive revelations from the trial:

Megan Sheets17 December 2023 10:00


Disney removes Majors movie from release calendar amid assault trial

Walt Disney Studios has removed Magazine Dreams, a forthcoming drama starring Jonathan Majors, from its release calendar amid the star’s newly-scheduled assault trial.

Elijah Bynum’s film about an aspiring bodybuilder (Majors) who struggles to find human connection was originally set to premiere on 8 December. The Independent has contacted Disney for comment.

A New York judge decided this week that the US actor, 33, will face trial on domestic abuse charges after rejecting the defence’s motion to dismiss the case.

In March this year, Majors was accused of attacking his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. Majors has denied the claim and accused Jabbari of attacking him.

Michelle Del Rey16 December 2023 14:00


A shocking 911 call, revealed

In court on Wednesday, Jonathan Majors reportedly called 911 after the alleged assault in March 2023, People reported.

“Hey, how are you, is this medical?” Majors asked the 911 dispatcher, according to a recording. He said he thinks his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari “attempted suicide, I think.”

Despite the Marvel star’s description, prosecutors insisted that Jabbari was not suicidal, but rather distraught after an emotional evening. That call led to his arrest, a three-hour hospitalisation and a police probe.

Michelle Del Rey16 December 2023 12:00


Bombshell text messages, revealed: ‘I’m a monster’

Jonathan Majors’ text to Grace Jabbari

(Manhattan DA)

Michelle Del Rey16 December 2023 10:00


Chilling audio between Majors and Jabbari revealed

In the recording, Majors was upset with Jabbari after she came home drunk.

He described himself as a “great man” and needed a “great woman” like Michelle Obama or Coretta Scott King.

Michelle Del Rey16 December 2023 08:00

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