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Teyana Taylor, a Sagittarius.
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On Tuesday evening, a new moon in Sagittarius reignites your confidence in yourself and your faith in the universe. No matter how dark the future appears, or how naïve optimism may seem right now, this week’s new moon invites you to keep moving forward and stubbornly hold onto your hope. Then, in the small hours of Wednesday morning, Mercury retrograde begins in Capricorn. This is a time to slow down: Instead of beginning new projects, reflect on the year past. Give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished, whether that means major achievements or simply making it through in one piece. Mercury begins moving forward again on New Year’s Day. Until then, take your foot off the gas.

You try not to dwell on the things you can’t control — you know that it’s no more than an exercise in frustration. But lately, you’ve been worrying anyway. You have a gnawing sense that a single wrong step could hurt other people or damage your reputation or derail your entire future, and that it’s more important than ever to do things “right.” This week, try to take some of this pressure off of yourself. It’s coming from you, after all. Being perfect has never been your responsibility, and it isn’t now. Find (or create) space where you can safely experiment and take risks. You’re doing fine, you just need some room to breathe.

Lately, you’ve been unable to look away from everything sad in the world, and confronted too by the darker parts of yourself. It feels impossible to escape it, to find joy where you normally do, even to imagine a future where life is simple and beautiful again. This week, though, you can be reassured. You don’t need proof that things are on the upswing; you only need to remember that you’re still standing. The fact that nothing’s managed to defeat you yet — that you’ve kept your love and your humanity — is a good sign that nothing will.

This week, it’s especially important to start off any new friendships or relationships on the right foot. You have the chance to set the tone for the future, so take advantage of it. Don’t let small problems slide in the hopes that they’ll be smoothed out later, or ignore incompatibilities that could prove to be deal-breakers down the line. Be direct from the start about who you are, what you’re looking for, and how much time you are (and are not) able to give. The more honest you are at the beginning, the better the chance the relationships will flourish.

Sometimes, taking care of yourself means putting up walls: refusing to engage with people you know will bring you down, avoiding the news, protecting your heart from all the bad, the ugliness, and the unfairness in the world. This week, though, hiding from discomfort is likely to leave you feeling hollow and unsatisfied. Rather than avoid danger and uncertainty, welcome them. Rise to the challenges the universe sends your way. When the situation calls for it, you can be as strong and courageous as anyone. You may just need a reminder.

You’ve probably struggled with overthinking things, lately. The more determined you are to do the right thing — for yourself, for other people, the world — the more difficult it’s become to figure out what that looks like. You’re hyperaware of all the mistakes you could make and the traps you could fall into; you worry that every step you take might be the wrong one. This week, try to give your brain a break. At least, slow it down. Let magic back into your life by following your instincts, instead.

You might get a little messy this week, speaking too freely, confessing feelings before you meant to, spilling your guts to the “wrong” person. It’s scary being an open book, to feel so little control over the way you present yourself to the world. But just because it’s daunting doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, you can derive strength from vulnerability. When you release your desire to be polished and well behaved all the time, you can start taking risks, expressing yourself more honestly, and creating space for new and deeper intimacy.

Right now, it’s a challenge for you to focus on all the everyday tasks that need your attention. Who cares about sending emails or tidying the kitchen when the world is on fire? Your mind is on the bigger picture, and in comparison, chores seem petty and dull, selfish at worst. But it’s important to tend to them anyway. This week, make a point of taking care of the small stuff; not because you’re a perfectionist, or because you care about your to-do list more than anything else, but because this is how you build a strong foundation to be able to tackle the important things.

Your pragmatism has served you well, keeping you focused on what matters most to you and preventing you from being distracted by flights of fancy and impossible dreams. This week, though, your efforts to be realistic can get in the way of being brave, taking exciting risks, living to the fullest. Remember that you’re allowed to be bold in your desires, to set goals that might not pan out and want too much. You’re capable of more than you realize. If you stop trying so hard to protect yourself from failure, you’ll finally start enjoying yourself.

Not even you can please everyone. There’s no perfect combination of words you can say that will make everyone agree, no action that will garner universal approval, no way to be alive in the world without making somebody, somewhere, think you’re wrong. When you try to avoid any and all judgment or disapproval, you only end up stifling the parts of yourself that are most special. So this week, don’t agonize about how your actions will be perceived. Other people’s opinions are their business. All you can do is live your life without shame.

You have high standards for others, even higher ones for yourself. You strive to always be dedicated and focused, to stay disciplined in times of stress and sorrow. But you’re only human, and sometimes you need to put progress to the side so that you can reflect and dream and play. This week, especially, go easy on yourself. You’ve been dealing with a lot recently, and you deserve a moment to process it all. You can start moving forward again soon, but for now, rest.

Connecting with other people will make your life bigger. The trouble is that a bigger life is a less predictable one and, sometimes, a more stressful one, and what you want at the moment is stability and ease. You might be tempted to close yourself off this week, to protect yourself from the chaos and drama of socializing, but try to stay open. You need the connection more than you realize, and the hassle of dealing with people won’t be nearly as bad as you fear.

You’ll have an opportunity to prove yourself this week. If you’ve been wishing you were braver, you’ll get a chance to put your courage to the test. If you’ve been craving excitement, you’ll get an opportunity to shake things up. You can remind your friends (and yourself) that you shouldn’t be underestimated. However, none of this will happen on its own: It’s up to you to rise to the occasion.

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