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Emma Corrin, a Sagittarius.
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On Monday afternoon, Venus enters Scorpio. With the planet of love, money, and values entering the most intense sign of the zodiac, this is an opportunity for you to go all-in. No more sitting on the fence. It’s time to commit to what you believe in, to the people you care about, to your goals. Then on Wednesday morning, Neptune retrograde ends. The planet of fantasy and inspiration has been moving backward since June, inviting you to see the world plainly, warts and all. With it finally back on track, feel your imagination come alive again. You’ve been confronted with life’s many problems these six months — now, it’s time to get creative about solving them.

You’re comfortable walking away: from people who are unkind, jobs where you’re mistreated, social situations where the vibe is off. You understand that the world is big, and not everyone or thing in it is for you. If this opportunity isn’t right, the next one might be. If one person can’t give you what you need, another will. This week, though, be careful not to throw in the towel prematurely. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you should quit. This is a moment to be stubborn, to fight for what you want. See things through to the end.

Lately, you’re particularly sensitive to being taken advantage of. With every new responsibility you take on at work, your talents continue to be taken for granted. The more of your time and energy you give to others, the more they come to expect. It’s enough to make you want to withdraw entirely, shut everyone out. This week (and especially with the people you care about) better to tell them how you feel. It’s possible to mend strained relationships, to come to a place where everyone feels valued, including you.

For you, the theme of this week is intimacy — getting to know the people around you better, forging connections beyond the superficial — and building the kind of closeness that can sustain you when you’re feeling low. Friends you’ve always had carefree fun with may suddenly want to have serious discussions, confess their secrets, or crushes may reveal that their feelings are deeper than you realized (or the opposite). Just remember that it can’t be a one-sided exchange. To know others and to foster trust, you have to let yourself be known, too. Let the people you love see beneath the surface.

Recently you’ve been frustrated by the universe’s essential unpredictability. As hard as you try to establish routines, disruptions arise. As perceptive as you are when it comes to other people’s moods and motivations, they still manage to surprise you. And while you want nothing more than to feel some control over your destiny, there’s too much you don’t know to ever make it so. This week, try to remember that there’s magic in the mystery, too. At the very least, you won’t be bored. And if the future is uncertain, that means you always have the power to change it.

We all need external validation. The desire to be liked and respected is deeply human. That said, it’s necessary to check in with yourself occasionally and make sure that you’re not giving your desire for approval too much sway. Remind yourself that it’s okay to make choices not everyone agrees with, to take actions that even the people closest to you don’t understand. Sometimes, finding happiness means going your own way. This week, be brave enough to turn your back on prestige and popularity if that’s what you need to do.

You’re skilled at making sense of the world, distilling and un-complicating the big ideas , creating order out of the chaos around you. Sometimes, though, you end up oversimplifying things. Especially when it comes to the stories you tell about yourself, you tend to focus on your flaws and forget all your gifts, or to fixate on past mistakes without acknowledging that you’re forever growing and changing, in motion. All the negative thoughts you’ve ever had about yourself aren’t set in stone; You can rewrite them. You can tell a new story.

You’re not someone who’s easily swept up in beauty or passion or the exhilaration of novelty. That doesn’t mean your heart is closed off. You like to keep both feet on the ground is all. You try not to get excited by a new person until you’re confident they like you too, or to invest too much time in a project until you can be reasonably certain it’ll work out. This week, though, you might feel yourself getting carried away. Go with it. There are no sure things. Follow your instincts where they lead.

You constantly work (harder than most people in your life will ever know) to stay strong and grow into a person you can be proud of. It’s rare to enjoy tangible rewards of personal growth, and it’s not like anyone would notice if you got lazy and started making the easy choices for once instead of the brave ones. You have to take it on faith that you’ll see results. This week, though, you’ll be able to see that your efforts are paying off. You’ll notice that others are drawn to the light you give off. You’ll be able to settle into a feeling of peace with yourself.

At times you feel pressure to project a certain version of yourself to the world. In order for you to believe that you’re brave or smart or interesting, you need to convince others of it first; To trust that you’re loved, you need the romance to be shouted from the rooftops. This week, take a break from all that, because, ultimately, it doesn’t matter what other people think. You don’t need an audience, a reaction, or a stamp of approval. The precious parts of your life can be just for you.

It’s maddening when the people you love choose the wrong partners, stick around in jobs that don’t deserve them, get in their own way by making bad decisions. You want more for them, and don’t understand why they can’t simply get it together. But telling others what you think they should do, how you think they should live, will only backfire. Instead, it’s better to listen. This week, if you can remember that the people in your life don’t need to be perfect to deserve your love, it’ll help you to go easier on yourself, too.

This week, you can charm your way into just about anyone’s good graces. You’ll be able to get on your difficult boss’s good side, get a smile out of your grumpy neighbor, impress the people in your social circle who always seemed too cool for you. But just because you can cultivate relationships with anyone, that doesn’t mean you have to. Being liked for its own sake isn’t the goal; being liked by people who share your values, who genuinely appreciate what you bring to the table, who challenge you to become better, is.

You’ll probably have less tolerance for stale routines and boring chores this week. While you appreciate comfort where you can find it, life doesn’t feel complete unless it has some excitement, too. You want surprises, work that motivates you, conversations that make you think. So in the days to come, if given the choice between a safe, predictable path and a challenging but thrilling one, go with your gut. It’ll force you to grow. It’ll make you feel more alive.

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