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The bell rings and the 2 lock up. Concept pushes Ali to the mat, then delivers a shoulder block. Ali delivers a proper hand to Concept’s chest, however Concept knocks him to the mat and whips him into the nook. Ali hits a hurricanrana, then delivers a kick to his head that knocks him off the apron. He knocks him to the surface and follows it up with a tope suicida. Concept sends Ali face first into the ring submit, then tosses him into the barricade.

Again from the break, Ali delivers a number of chops to Concept within the nook. He delivers a kick to his face, then hits a neckbreaker and a backstabber. He goes for a pin, however Concept kicks out. Concept delivers a again elbow earlier than the 2 males teeter on the highest. Ali hits a hurricanrana and a Satellite tv for pc DDT, then goes for a pin however Concept kicks out. Concept delivers a number of kicks to Ali’s midsection whereas he hangs off the highest rope, then delivers a number of proper palms to his head. Dolph Ziggler seems out of nowhere and kicks Concept within the head, inflicting a disqualification.

Winner (and nonetheless): Austin Concept

Ali yells at Ziggler for ruining his alternative and the 2 males get in each other’s face. Concept clocks Ziggler from behind, then sends Ali shoulder first into the ring submit. He focuses again on Ziggler and delivers A-City Down.

We head backstage to JBL on the cellphone. The Miz approaches him and asks why he wasn’t invited to his poker event. He says he is greater than welcome, but it surely’s a $50,000 buy-in. Miz says he would not have the cash in the mean time, however he pays him late. JBL says he wants the cash now. Miz provides him his Rolex watch, however JBL tells him that it is a faux.

Again from the break, we head again to the invitational poker recreation. Baron Corbin wins a hand, however he is caught dishonest by AJ Types. Types pushes him and the 2 change into bodily. JBL yells at them to cease as a result of they’re ruining his recreation. Types the challenges Corbin and Alpha Academy to a six man tag workforce match in opposition to him, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and so they settle for. Dexter Lumis and Johnny Gargano are the one ones left on the tables, and so they accumulate their cash.

We head backstage to Cathy Kelley and Bianca Belair. Kelley asks Belair how she feels about doubtlessly going through Bayley as soon as once more and says she’s assured as a result of is aware of how she thinks. She provides she would’ve been proud to face any of the ladies, together with Rhea Ripley. Kelley then asks who she thinks will win the second triple risk match and she or he says Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are all nice. She lists off what she loves about every lady, then says she’s prepared for any of them as a result of she at all times stays prepared.

The O.C. head to the ring, adopted by Alpha Academy, JBL and Baron Corbin.


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