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China president, Xi Jinping is methodically constructing a cult round himself over time — doing it higher than Mao and even surpassing Lenin. Surrounded by unconditional Marxist doctrines and sometimes preaching with mysticism, Xi advantages from the aura of the grasp that China by no means ceased to glorify for the reason that finish of the Nineteen Seventies. Describing Marx because the ”Best thinker of Humanity”, Xi and the Chinese language Communist Occasion are in truth issuing a warning to their detractors, who’re summoned to know that China and its values ​​won’t ever be absorbed or diluted by the West — that they contemplate to be in decline. On the flip facet, Chinese language entry to the worldwide system and organisations is used as a lever to elucidate and to reveal to nations weary of a sure Western vanity that one other approach exists.

As Xi and the Chinese language Communist Occasion contemplate their mannequin largely superior to all that’s practiced on this planet, they purpose to make “the human race” adhere to a “neighborhood of future” by reproducing advert infinitum — no less than on Earth — their very own system, with the assistance of a better mission that may save humanity. This Chinese language messianism — which clearly includes the institution of state authoritarianism which an omnipotent Chinese language Communist Occasion might be enthroned — has nothing however contempt for democracy. Based on Xi, “world governance is unimaginable with out guiding the way in which folks suppose,” as revealed in a doc just lately launched by the Central Committee.


This communist creed urges the predation of the free market and capitalism with the intention to obtain a scenario of “natural” unification between the state and the market, the place totally different cultures and ethnic teams are requested to merge below a Chinese language management — supposedly to homogenise this disparate set. Due to this fact, the hatred of the Chinese language Communists towards the Western lifestyle (largely influenced by the American mannequin) leaves them no different different than “complete victory”, in accordance with their very own expression.

Nonetheless, the Chinese language should assessment their copy — on the very least severely query their decision-making processes — because the hazardous measures and different experiments decreed since 2020 are very more likely to stay the reminiscence of their disproportionate ambitions, its gravity forcing them again right down to earth. Everlasting confinements just lately accompanied by police brutality, virus having escaped from a laboratory with disastrous common repercussions, nationwide actual property market collapsing below the load of their clumsiness, witch hunt towards their technological flagships, detrimental GDP, poor state: so many shocks that might be very troublesome to elucidate — to not an outdoor world which now regards China with amused astonishment, however — to an insider who usually defiantly stamps its toes in suffocating conditions. In any case, the Chinese language Communist Occasion demonstrates — each internally and externally — that its omnipotence and infallibility have been solely myths.

Michel Santi

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