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After The Rock and CM Punk recently made their returns to WWE, a former champion is now teasing a return after several years.

Matt Cardona first started his WWE career as part of The Edgeheads, alongside Curt Hawkins. His charisma and fun personality helped him become one of the most beloved WWE Superstars on the roster and he was on the receiving end of a pretty decent singles push.

Cardona went on to win the United States and Intercontinental Championships during his tenure with the company. However, as popular as Cardona was with the fans, he was never treated as a top star and this affected his career. Eventually, Cardona was released in 2020 after spending 15 years with the company.

Following his release, Matt Cardona has reinvented himself and looked better than ever. With the likes of The Rock and CM Punk both making their return to the WWE, Cardona teased a return on social media.

“Rock is back. Punk is back. Awesome Truth is back. I think my invite got lost in the mail to the 2011 reunion. Just use @ImChelseaGreen‘s address. It’s the same thing.”

Check out his tweet here:

Vince Russo believes CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin would not be a good idea

Ever since CM Punk made his much anticipated WWE return at Survivor Series: WarGames, fans have been salivating at the thought of a dream match between Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin since the latter made his return to the ring a couple of years ago.

However, former WWE writer Vince Russo believes that the match wouldn’t be a good idea since both men’s best days are behind them.

“Ah, man! No. Bro, I wanna remember these guys for who they are man. You know what I’m saying? You know when sports figures retire, they retire, you know once in a blue moon you’ll see somebody come back, a blue moon, but, once they retire, they retire because their better days are behind them. You know I wanna remember these guys the way I saw them in their prime man, that’s me, that’s just me man.” [18:56 – 19:36]

It will be interesting to see who will be Punk’s first televised opponent since his return to the company.

Do you agree with Vince Russo’s comments? Sound off in the comments section below.

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