The PalmPilot Returns, This Time In Your Browser

The PalmPilot doesn’t appear to get a lot retrocomputing love, however perhaps it ought to. In spite of everything, it may not have been the very first handheld, nevertheless it was in all probability probably the most profitable, and that finally led to the period of the smartphone. Whether or not you miss your previous Palm functions, or by no means acquired to expertise them the primary time round, worry not. Now you can relive them in all their glory in your browser due to the Web Archive undertaking.

There are over 500 functions and video games all working in a browser-based emulator. A few of the packages don’t appear to work effectively, and a few don’t make sense within the context of a digital surroundings. However many work effective, and if you need the traditional apps, simply open up something and press the house button. If you’d like a assessment of the Palm IIIe PDA from 1999, try [VWestlife’s] video, beneath.

The Grafitti handwriting recognition system was state-of-the-art for the day. The important thing was the system might extra simply acknowledge printing if it had been largely single strokes that at all times labored the identical approach. For instance, the “A” had no crossbar and the “F” was lacking the underside horizontal line. As a lot as potential, you make letters with a single stroke and there was just one technique to kind every letter. Good instances!

What was excessive tech again then now you can construct out of spare elements. For those who occur to have a Palm, you may think about giving it a much-needed backlight.


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