Katie Price ex-fiancé Ace takes on major career change

Warren previously accused her ex Katie Price of infidelity with Michael Schumacher’s brother Ralf

Gladiators enthusiasts will recall Ace, known off-screen as Warren Furman, as the popular former bodybuilder from the show. However, he has undergone a significant career shift since then.

Warren, now 51, graced the hit game show for four years, from 1996 to 2000, and was once engaged to glamour model Katie Price. 

Despite Gladiators making a thrilling return to the BBC this Saturday, Warren’s current life is a far cry from his 90s persona as he is set to become a vicar.

The former construction manager has disclosed his upcoming ordination as a Church of England cleric at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, alongside his wife Dionne, who previously worked as a Virgin Airways hostess. 

Joining the Church of England, Warren expressed finding the ‘important’ element that was missing from his life.

He told The Sun: ‘I’m now fighting the good fight and I’ve become a Gladiator for God.’

Warren admitted as a Gladiator he ‘lived life to excess,’ but said his ‘heart was quite hardened’ because of it.

He insisted celebrity isn’t a ‘bad thing in itself,’ but told the paper he was ‘just some bloke that [had] pumped himself up for a TV show, and the TV show had ended’.

Warren said he’d now found the ‘important’ thing missing from his life by joining the Church of England.

Amidst making headlines during his Gladiators stint, Warren has candidly discussed his past struggles with steroids and alcohol abuse, as well as his relationship with Katie.

Having dated the glamour model in the late 1990s and being engaged for two years after proposing in 1997, the relationship ended when Warren accused her of infidelity with Michael Schumacher’s brother Ralf, also a Formula 1 driver.

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