Kim Kardashian irks fans with bizarre Christmas décor: ‘What a waste’

Kim Kardashian shared a sneak peek into her home’s Christmas decorations, showing off her massive bathtub filled with hot chocolate.  

In her shared Instagram stories, the reality TV star can be heard saying, “I walked into my bathroom and what do I see here? The elves left a mess and made Charlie and the Chocolate Factory over here.”

She continued, “The note in the kitchen said they couldn’t find the mugs, so the hot chocolate is in the bathtub.”

The founder of Skims’ “bizarre” décor included marshmallows in different sizes, statues of Elf floating inside the chocolate bathtub and candies spelling out ‘Elf.’

As the videos surfaced on social media, netizens criticised Kim for seeking attention through showing off her wealth.

One fan wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, “What a waste.”

“No one was talking about her for a minute and she needed to interrupt,” another chimed in. 

Another fan made a plea to Kim, saying, “you can pay my student loans since you like throwing money away [sic].”

Earlier, Kim also made it to headlines as she shared a glimpse into her spooky skeleton-themed home decorations for Halloween.  

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