Prince Harry ‘envious’ of unexpected replacement in royal family

Prince Harry and Prince William may be estranged due to their on-going royal rift, but the Duke of Sussex may have some jealousy brewing for his stolen spot.

The future king, William, has reportedly filled the void left by Meghan Markle’s husband with his brother-in-law, Mike Tindall.

Royal expert Jennie Bond suggested that the Prince of Wales shares a brother-like relationship with0 cousin’s Zara husband.

Now, royal author Tom Quinn told Daily Express that “Harry has been aware of this for some time and it does upset him.”

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He explained that Mike “has none of the emotional baggage and difficulties that William has with Harry” and that is something that might incite some envy.

The former rugby player married William and Harry’s cousin Zara Tindall in 2011, giving him ample time to get to know the family.

Quinn revealed that people close to William share the “he really does get on very well with Mike Tindall – but then everyone in the Royal family likes Mike Tindall because he has never caused trouble for anyone.”

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Earlier this year, despite his grievances with the royal family, Harry said that he wants his father and brother “back” during an ITV interview.

It appears that Harry didn’t think that William may find his replacement.

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